Deploy readymade online food ordering & delivery system from Efoodhq.

You can save commission from FoodPanda, Justeat, Zomato, GrubHub, Swiggy
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Restaurant food ordering system from Efoodhq

Are you planning to develop online food ordering system like FoodPanda, JustEat, Zomato? efoodhq provides a common platform for both single or multiple restaurant online food ordering and delivery system. Our Efoodhq, a readymade online restaurant ordering system similar to FoodPanda clone having multiple features with multi-language support, secured payment gateway, etc. All well optimized for the web and mobile platforms. efoodhq comprises of web backend for admin and restaurant. Mobile app for the delivery boy and customers.Front end for both web and mobile for the customers. It acts as a common platform between the customer and restaurant.
  • Admin control panel

    Admin maintain a simple interface with complete control over the restaurant, delivery staff and customers.

  • Restaurant control panel

    Restaurant maintain business page by adding each menus from back end and customer order notified in front end.

  • Delivery staff

    Delivery staff manages food order assigned by restaurant through app and delivers to customer.

  • Customer

    Customer can choose restaurant based on location and order food through app, food gets delivered at customer's place

Why Choose efoodhq?

Efoodhq provides ready-made solution for running a restaurant ordering system business. You get customized app in terms of design and funcationality over app in your own brand name.

  • CloudBased Solution

  • Customizable

  • Complete support

  • Free installation & setup

  • App in your brand name

  • Security

What do you get from Efoodhq?

  • Web front end for Customers
  • Web backend for Admin
  • Web and Mobile (Order receiving app) backend for Vendors
  • Android and iPhone mobile app for Users
  • Android and iPhone mobile app for Delivery staff
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How online food ordering & delivery system works?

food ordering system works

Growth of online food ordering system

The tremendous growth in online food ordering system has created demand over entrepreneurs recent years.

"While just $46 million and $25 million were invested in food ordering companies in 2013 and 2012, respectively, a staggering $600 million was invested in 2014. And so far this year, we've had approximately $360 million invested to date, which when annualized, comes out to approximately $1.2 billion. That type of growth is not something you see often."

How to get started?

The process is very simple after you buy our Efoodhq's restaurant ordering system, you get it customize according to your business needs in your own brand name. Admin is provided with web back-end and restaurant with the web and mobile back-end. The delivery boy is provided with the mobile app. The customer is provided with the web and mobile app.
  • Admin get partnership with restaurants

  • Restaurant maintain a business page by adding menus

  • Customers browse restaurant's menus & places orders

  • Admin makes money on every food delivery